I’m Naël - Master’s student in International Management and Risk Manager at Allianz.

🏡 Munich, Germany

📮 [email protected]


<aside> ☝ I have always been interested in many subjects and driven by a desire to discover new things. This led me to develop multi-disciplinary skills through various professional and academic experiences. Check out my CV to learn more about my experiences and skills My CV


What am I currently doing?


Operational Risk Manager

For nearly 2 years, I am part of the Operational Risk Management team in Allianz head quarters and support the risk function with developing and implementing the new non-financial risk management framework of Allianz Group


Master’s student in International Management

In September 2022, I took the decision to start a second Master’s program. Since then, I am part of the work-integrated Master's program of Steinbeis University where I have the opportunity to work full-time in Allianz SE, in Munich.

My academic projects


Final project of Master’s program in Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Computing

As part of my first Master’s program in Artificial intelligence and Embedded computing, I worked on a retina scan authentication system.

During this one year project, I relied on machine learning models and image processing methods. Additionally, the system was able to screen pathologies such as cataract or high blood pressure with a reliability of 74%.


Thesis of Master’s program in Management

How can Allianz Group develop and implement a revised risk appetite framework specifically designed for operational risks, ensuring alignment with principles and practices of the non-financial risk management framework (NFRM)?

In parallel of this study, the aim is to re-define and propose a revised version of the current operational risk appetite of Allianz Group.

My past professional experiences


Data Scientist apprentice

As part of the work-integrated program of my master in IT, I worked one year as data scientist in Neurones IT.

My missions were focused on data science and AI for analysis support.


Web Developer Intern

During the summer of 2020, I did a 4-month internship in the IT department of Wolters Kluwer France.

I was in charge of the graphic redesign of the company’s intranet.


Robotics Intern in laboratory

In June and July 2018, I had the chance to participate in the creation of an expressive robotic head as part of an internship at the ETIS ENSEA laboratory. The goal of this experiment was to make the robot interact with its human partner via human-like expressions.

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